What’s The Worst Service You Ever Got?


Any flight attendants who locked you in the bathroom, waiters who peed on your potatoes, or checkout clerks who sold your luggage?

I’ll start: A couple of years ago, a trailer-trashy takeout girl in the Hamptons filled my food order, but she forgot to include the coffee I’d asked for.

My telling her that somehow struck the little rage-aholic as a vicious assault on her nonexistent competence.

“All right! Jeez!” she fumed. “God! All right! It’s not like I charged you for it!”

She kicked the wall, furious that I had pointed out her mistake–but all I wanted was my freakin’ coffee!

As I slipped the money for it on the counter, the creature poured the shit and actually looked like she was about to throw it at me.

The second she placed the cup on the counter, I managed to grab it and run to safety.

Beware of victims of the class struggle in upscale resorts.

Your own bad-service sagas?