Anita Lo Gets a Feng-Shui Boost at Annisa; Starbucks Launches Low-Cost Coffee Brand


Steve Cuozzo takes aim at bad hotel restaurants, listing the Fives at Peninsula, Arabelle at Plaza-Athenee, and Commodore Grill at Grand Hyatt among the worst offenders.
[NY Post]

Despite being something of a “nonbeliever,” Anita Lo hired a feng-shui consultant to help her redesign the interior of Annisa, which closed after a devastating fire last year.
[Wall Street Journal]

Five Guys Enterprises was named the third fastest growing restaurant chain in the country based on its five-year growth rate.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Starbucks has plans to roll out a second, lower-priced coffee brand called Seattle’s Best that would be sold in some 30,000 fast-food outlets, supermarkets, and cafés.
[Wall Street Journal]

Paris Hilton, who once made love to a Carl’s Jr. burger in a commercial, has announced that she is “not eating fast food anymore,” in order to get her bikini body back.
[US Magazine]

A childhood obesity task force led by Michelle Obama released a report that all but warns food companies to make healthier products. Otherwise, the government will interfere.

The CEO of Kraft, Irene Rosenfeld, has helped break the glass ceiling of compensation for female executives with her $26.3 million salary.

A turf war between two halal vendors in the Bronx turned bloody when one vendor ambushed his competitor, assaulting and robbing him.
[NY Post]