Blog of the Day: “Tourists Thought I Was Da Bomb,” The Tumblr


Oh, Tumblr. It’s the web service that enables even the most three-toed sloth-brained invalids to – in a matter of mere minutes – set up a blog, start posting on it, cull content, attract reader-submitted content, attract the attention of an agent, and alchemize into a book deal. This likely won’t be one of those instances where any money will get put forth anytime soon, but still, it’s wonderful.

See, what’s funny about some people in New York – mainly, tourists – is that they’ll end up ignoring the things that look like bombs that actually turn out to be bombs. Like, for example, the smoking, flaming car that could’ve blown a chunk off of Times Square. Which some of them, locked out of their Broadway shows, stuck around to watch get Hurt Locker-ed out of commission! As opposed to getting the hell out of dodge, which is what any sensible New Yorker would do. Also, we likely actually have somewhere to be and hate Times Square anyway.

That said, those same tourists often misidentify things that aren’t bombs as bombs. And now someone has taken up those things’….cause, in the form of a Tumblr. And it’s funny, and cheeky, and cute, and uses an antiquated slang term that was gramatically gentrified and assimilated into uncoolness, which is even funnier. For example:

I am a brown paper bag. I was sitting on a phone booth and Tourists thought I was Da Bomb!

Tourists are apparently very afraid of brown paper bags, so you winos better be careful!

I mean, I laughed.

Nice work, anonymous author of Tourists Thought I Was Da Bomb. Stay on the beat and (figuratively) blow-up this nonsense. Is it scary that any of these things might actually be a bomb? Sure. But until that happens, we can at least be aware of it. And also, the fact that New Yorkers just have instincts about these things. You know?