Drink a Petite Pepino at Bar Celona in Williamsburg


The drink: Petite Pepino

The bar: Bar Celona, 104 South 4th Street

The price: $10

The ingredients: Fresh cucumber muddled with Thai basil and geranium syrup, lemon juice, apple juice, Dimmi herbal liqueur, and Citadelle gin, with a cucumber spear for garnish.

The buzz: For reasons that remain unknown to man, the gin and tonic is the most popular drink in Spain. In one of the sexiest bars in the city, this factoid is celebrated with a section of the cocktail menu devoted to “G y Ts.” Bereft of T, the G in this little number is kept in good company with a healthy dose of C (pepino means cucumber and petite means, well, you know). The effect is a refreshing burst of morning dew, pretty and floral and highly sippable, if not timidly out of place in a bar that’s more leather and lace than running-through-the-meadows girl next door.

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