Egg and Potato Hero at Torrisi Italian Specialties


Torissi Italian Specialties has taken the egg-on-a-roll, the specialty of corner delis everywhere, and made it taste better than you ever imagined it could.

What’s great about the sandwich is that the guys at Torrisi haven’t taken the grease out of the greasy-spoon staple. It’s a sloppy thing, the roll sopping up the egg-and-cheese drippings. Inside, delicately scrambled eggs, provolone, chunks of roasted red potatoes, and silken roasted red peppers squish together deliciously.

Today, the cafe was packed. Chaos reigned over the seating arrangements in the small dining room — there’s no list, so you’ve got to hover over some poor soul, hoping they’ll take pity on you and hurry the hell up. Meanwhile, a crowd waiting for to-go orders clustered outside. After about a 35-minute wait for sandwiches, we walked over to sit at one of the tables in the park at Chrystie and Prince streets, which is what we suggest you do.