Gawker Writer Engages Intellectual Terrorist and Misanthrope Commentator Andrew Breitbart, Re: Lady Gaga


This is amazing. You have to give professional shoutcreature and Matt-Drudge-lackee-turned-Dark-Sith-of-Conservative-Thought, Andrew Breitbart, credit where it’s due: he has a sense of humor. Also, he will dignify the issues he sees as important. Matt Cherette — who spends his days at Gawker.TV writing about what Geighs the Brothers Jonas are — also has a sense of humor, and dignifies the issues he sees as important. Is the collision of the two inevitable, or anything but? Well, it’s happened, and this isn’t even the first time. Though today…was something else.

It starts out simple enough. Breitbart writes something meant to provoke Tweets at him. Matt Cherette obliges him.

Pretty typical, and it ends in Breitbart naturally calling someone else or another organization “fascist.” That’s on the second page of the employee handbook for him. Anyway, Cherette kindly tries to make peace with all of this and offers Breitbart an olive branch of peace: Lady Gaga.

Now, you know the moment in every Spike Lee movie where everything just goes weird? Like in Son of Sam, when the dog starts talking? This is that, because Brietbart accepts said olive branch.

Now, I kind of feel like I’m being played, like this is something Breitbart would conceivably do to garner good will and/or any kind of press from people who don’t even bother detesting him so much as otherwise trying to completely write off his existence, like me. But the thing is, I like it. Also, he’s not wrong, here. Troubletainment, indeed!