Indian Mangoes, Now in Season


Walking down First Avenue yesterday, we screeched to a halt outside of Dual Specialty Store (91 First Avenue), where a box of Indian Alphonso mangoes sat on the curb, each fruit swaddled in its own protective netting.

In 2007, a trade ban on Indian mangoes was lifted, and now you can find the fruits at most Indian groceries. They’re expensive — $3.50 each at Dual — but as a seasonal treat they have no equal, sweet and floral with delicate, creamy flesh. In India, the mango season runs about March through May, but it was delayed a bit this year by unusually cold temperatures, but that longer-than-usual winter may actually yield a bumper crop of mangoes and an extended season.

India grows more than half of the world’s mangoes, including varieties like Alphonso and Kesar, which are widely considered the world’s best. And now you can stand over the kitchen sink and eat one yourself.