Re: Children in Restaurants, Our Man Sietsema Advises Parents to Go With the Lamb Testicles


Much has of late been said on the topic of children in restaurants, and much more will undoubtedly be said, but we’re pretty sure that Our Man Sietsema, whom Salon‘s Francis Lam interviewed for a story about the subject, is the first to offer some perspective by way of this particular anecdote:

“A couple of years ago, we were at a Lebanese restaurant, and the parents were like, ‘Oh, he won’t like …’ again. And then out came a big old plate of lamb testicles. They were really cute, they looked like little almonds, grilled, and they smelled terrific. And the kid just went to town on those balls! The parents were like, ‘Ewww,’ but the kid will explore out of sheer native curiosity. Parents are much more responsible for bad eating behavior than the kids.”