The Underground Lobster Roll Dude Is Now Being Portrayed by Ali G.


In a transition of Vader-like proportions, Ben Sargent has gone from being Ben Sargent to being the Underground Lobster Pound to being the Lobster Pusher Man to being, currently, Dr. Claw. The Brooklyn Paper has a rather hilarious profile of Dr. Claw, whose anthroponymic evolution has been accompanied by one in physical appearance: gone is the dude who looks like he’d be happy with only a surfboard and joint to his name, replaced by Ali G.

He’s still making lobster rolls, but the steady stream of customers leaving his front door with brown paper bags have made his neighbors think he’s a drug dealer. So he’s started making deliveries himself and “increased surveillance” on the Facebook pages of potential customers. What that means, exactly, is this:

“If the person is an artist or a member of a dance troupe who lives in the neighborhood, that’s cool. If the person has a short haircut, lots of muscles, and a polo shirt with the word ‘DEC’ [Department of Environmental Conservation] on it, that’s not so cool,” said Claw.

Well, that answers that, at least.