TPoutine Not Giving Up: Fries-Cheese-and-Gravy Food Trucks Are on the Way


When news broke that TPoutine couldn’t manage to make a go of its drunk-food menu, at least one quarter of Fork in the Road (the French-Canadian quarter) shed a little, salty tear for the loss of a truly authentic — and authentically priced — poutine. Luckily, owner Thierry Pepin isn’t giving up on forcing fries, cheese, and gravy down New Yorkers’ throats. He says that a second location is being planned. And, in the meantime, he’ll aim to peddle his Quebecois gutbombs from a vehicle.

“We closed that location after being turned down several times for a beer and wine license from the community board,” he wrote in an email. “We are probably gonna open another location, but for now we’ll probably get some food trucks around to keep spreading the Canadian poutines!”

The single-minded menu may not be the best idea, but for the smattering of French Canadians who made TPoutine their home away from home, a mobile version of it will be worth following.

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