A Report From Lena Horne’s Memorial Today


The service for the great singer and star was a tasteful affair at St. Ignatius Loyola this morning, way uptown.

The crowd brought together all colors and religions, everyone there out of sheer love for Lena.

After the first group sing-along, the priest noted, “Judging from the quality of the congregation’s singing, I suspect there are a number of faithful Baptists here too.”

It was like a heavenly choir, with Lena herself joining in.

In his eulogy, the same man of the cloth told us that Lena had once admitted to him that she was basically shy and went into performance mode whenever she had to.

He said this wasn’t phony at all: “It was her way of managing her natural reticence while giving expression to her talent.”

An amazing woman. Life without her? Stormy weather …