Is Robin Hood One Big Medieval Tea Party?


The New York Times review asks that very question and concludes, “Kind of, though that description makes the movie sound both more fun and more provocative than it actually is.”

I had a couple of problems with the film. The added backstory and increased action sequences seem a little too calculated for today’s market.

Plus, there wasn’t tremendous chemistry between Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, and a lot of the time Crowe seemed so subdued as to be medicated. (Which is fine with me — better he be phoning it in than throwing the phone.)

But it was basically enjoyable, with a lot of rousing stuff, and the screenplay was actually pretty well executed.

So if you favor a big, old popcorn movie in tights and with lots of brown scenery, you can probably do worse than this, Gladiator on horseback.