Lady Sovereign Is Gay


And has been, for some time, apparently! Above, for instance, is a video of her talking about dating girls on Celebrity Big Brother UK, a series that averaged 3.7 million viewers per night during its January 2010 run. But it takes classier outlets — The Guardian, in this case — to bring news like this over the sea, so we’re just finding out now. Why does this matter, even a little bit? Because she’s basically the most famous rapper, ever, to come out of the closet.

And though her career is probably less than dormant in the U.S., circa 2010, let’s not forget this is the same five-foot fireball who freestyled for Jay-Z in 2005, getting herself signed to Def Jam on the spot. The ensuing record, Public Warning, was kind of a disaster, but she remains probably the only openly gay musician (“Magazines would always ask about it,” she says about that era, “but [questions about my sexuality] would get stopped by my publicists”) ever to penetrate so deeply into the American rap establishment. Now, according to Diva, she penetrates straight girls. It may not seem heroic, but someday, someone in the eternally-gay-rapper-fearing hip-hop universe might thank her for it. [Guardian via Prefix]