Lil Wayne Facing Potentially Serious Consequences Over Jail Contraband


As we reported on Tuesday, Lil Wayne was caught this week at Rikers in possession of various illegal electronics — in this case, headphones, a charger, and, eventually, the MP3 player to which they belonged. Our source pegged the crime as an infraction — possession of contraband — but had no word yet as to the potential punishment. Now, MTV is reporting that both Wayne’s job as a suicide-prevention aide and some real portion of his “good time” — which might help him get out earlier than the year to which he was originally sentenced — could be in jeopardy when Wayne faces internal trial at the jail. Whether that trial has happened already remains unknown. But given that Wayne’s violation of Rikers rules also suggests a serious security breach, whether by guards or the rapper’s own visitors, there is no guarantee that he’ll walk away from this unscathed. Who knew one lousy MP3 player could cause such trouble? [MTV]