Slutty Female Lizards More Likely to Interest Lizard Dudes


The June issue of Herpetologica, which you are definitely going to want to get your hands on, describes a recent study in which lady sagebrush lizards “with greater courtship experience” were more likely to be “courted” by their male counterparts. The details are kinda kinky, actually, and involve a “robotic male lizard” (we totally know that guy):

During a two-week test period, half of the female lizards were assigned at random to a low-courtship treatment group that received one visit from a robotic male lizard every other day, while the other female lizards were placed in a high-courtship group that saw the robotic male lizard four times daily.

After the two weeks of robotic lizard visits, a live male lizard was place in each female lizard’s terrarium for 30 minutes. The researchers paired each male sequentially with two females–one from the low-courtship group and one from the high-courtship group.

The male lizards directed more tongue-flicks and moved more often toward the females who had greater courtship experience, proving that “males may detect differences in the physiological state of the female and respond accordingly.”

Right. And why should lizards be any different than humans, really?