Taxi and Limousine Commission Cracks Down on Nickel-and-Diming Cabbies Just in Time for Friday Night Rush


Today the Taxi and Limousine Commission announced that it’ll attempt to revoke the licenses of 633 drivers who did the dastardly, unforgivable deed of routinely overcharging their customers, costing those poor, innocent taxi riders $1.1 million in total. (Which, just for comparison’s sake, is less than $2,000 per cabbie. Not to say that behavior is not most foul.)

Previously some 35,000 taxi drivers had been accused, but figures released Friday showed that “all in all, 21,819 drivers overcharged passengers a total of 286,000 times.”

The “Badass 633,” who will probably lose their licenses, were by far the worst of the bunch, activating that mysterious switch that charges out-of-town rates said to be 50 or more times what the normal rate should be. Leading us to think that the hapless suckers riders were quite possibly tourists, because we all know how much it costs to go from the East Village to Chinatown, and we will not pay a penny over! Not one penny!

David Yassky, chairman of the commission, said in a statement that criminal charges could be possible for the most egregious offenders. He said the offending drivers used the switch as a means of “surreptitiously padding their pockets and taking advantage of a trusting public.”

But, this is America, right? If you’re not padding your pocket surreptitiously now and again and taking advantage of those stupider than you, how can you ever expect anyone to respect you?

Now, how ’bout some justice re: those jerks who snaked our cab in broad daylight yesterday?