Week in Review: Thank You Very Much, and Have a Nice Day


In the week we learned the full depths of the crimes evil producer Solar committed against Gang Starr’s Guru and hip-hop as a whole, we also lamented the ongoing jailhouse saga of Lil Wayne, who was caught with contraband on Monday, threatened with all sorts of extreme punishments on Thursday, and somehow found time to make a self-aggrandizing prank phone call along the way. Maybe. Anyway, rough week for rap! At least we got a new Cam mixtape?

R.I.P. trailblazing jazz singer Lena Horne.

Tracy Grandstaff, the legendary voice behind the much missed MTV show Daria, talked to us about the show’s long-awaited release on DVD. School of Seven Bells told us about the weirdness involved in putting your entire life on an LP. And ArpLine’s Sam Tyndall explained where exactly his band gets such bizarre keyboard sounds from.

Plus, Fat Mike’s not-so-punk restaurant Thistle Hill, now open in Park Slope; M.I.A., Sleigh Bells, and Mr. Dream at Coco 66; Francis and the Lights at the Bowery Ballroom; a bunch of musicians staring at Marina Abramović at MOMA; really ace American Idol coverage from Tom Breihan and Sharyn Jackson; Lady Sovereign comes out; Stephen Colbert vs. the Hold Steady; and much, much more, somewhere down below. Looking for something to do? Consult our weekend guide. We’re back on Monday.