A 48-Word Review of 48 Hour Magazine


48 Hour Magazine‘s Issue Zero, an experiment, was conceived by a small team of editors in San Francisco. One day, they announced the theme of the book — “Hustle” — and waited as 1,500 submissions poured in to team headquarters at the Mother Jones office, in Rolling Stone‘s former space. Seventy pieces were selected — words, photos, drawings, graphs. Edited, arranged, printed, shipped — all in two days. Forty-eight hours after its completion, I ordered a copy for $10 plus shipping. Two days later, it arrived. I think that was a coincidence. Forty-eight hours after that, I read the whole thing cover to cover.

How did it turn out? A 48-word review follows:

Thematic harmony makes reading all of 48HR‘s “Hustle” issue easy. There are only three ad pages, plus the back. More words than The New Yorker? On: running, swindles, whores. Rick Ross. The words are good, but photos better; design is crisp. The cover doesn’t do it justice. Buy!