A Manhattan Dog Survives a Five-Story Fall and All We Got Were These Lousy Jokes


Sure, it’s the weekend and most people are probably off, but how did the pun masters and reference kings at the New York Post decide on Underdog for the Manhattan puppy who went flying off of a balcony and survived? Oh, they got it from Gothamist? Figures.

Yes, the old cartoon hero has a cape and flies, but Alfie, the Tribeca-dwelling terrier who fell off of an 11th-floor terrace five stories down to a rooftop, deserved better, presenting an infinite possibility for pop-culture dog fun. There was enough to go around, and yet … a cartoon from the 1960s, twice? Boo.

Daily Intel had the story Friday with no dog jokes, leading to a similar story at Gothamist that evening, accompanied by a photo of the caped canine hero (see above).

And yet, when the Post picked up the tale two days later, we get the same silly reference:

“Air of the Dog,” really? That’s a C-minus at best. But from the piece:

“It was like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and he was Toto,” said Jessica Gould, a neighbor who rescued Alfie.

Better! And points for the dog-breed link. But come on, everyone. Clearly the jokes were here: