Daily Shocker: Sarah Palin Supports Arizona Immigration Law, Can’t Spell


Famous author Sarah Palin has yet to figure out why typing and reading are so hard, but she does know exactly how she feels about brown people: keep ’em out!

The former governor and current celebrity/corporate entity took to — where else — her Facebook page today to voice her support for embattled Arizona governor Jan Brewer, who’s attempting to make her state the most divisive in the nation with oppressive immigration reform.

“We’re all Arizonans now,” Palin declared.

I spoke with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer yesterday, and she reminded U.S. citizens that, despite President Obama’s ignoring this grave national security threat, his dismissal of the need for border security is no laughing matter — and it’s being used as a political tool to divide her state along racial lines.

The Arizona immigration law mirrors the fed’s own law. It sure would be helpful if the Obama Administration would read the short 10-page bill before laughing about it and condemning it. And it would be helpful if the media would actually read it before twisting reports on its content.

If everything Palin does is predictable — from medium to message to substance — at what point can we stop paying attention altogether? The answer is “Never,” isn’t it? Am I to blame? Are you?