David Paterson on Barack Obama: “Who?”


When David Paterson’s poll numbers were hovering around the New York Knicks’ winning percentage, President Barack Obama pretty much dropped a bomb, telling Governor Paterson he should straight up not run for office. Since then, the two haven’t exactly been bros.

When Obama swung through Buffalo earlier this week, Paterson probably wasn’t invited, but when asked he brushed it off by responding, “I don’t know that. I know he’s coming. I’d have to get back to you on that.” It got testier from there.

Via Page Six today (emphasis ours):

While Obama was speaking Thursday night in Midtown, Paterson was a block away at the Barneys Penthouse at a party hosted by Olympic fencers Tim Morehouse and Jason Rogers and co-founder Sam Hamadeh to benefit UN sports programs for kids in war-torn areas. When one guest asked why he wasn’t at Obama’s speech, a smiling Paterson was overheard saying, “Who?”

According the the paper, a Paterson spokesman said, “There was no snub.” Obama’s take? “It’s like when politicians make subliminal mentions. If it ain’t directed directly at me, I don’t respect it. You don’t really want it with B.O., for the record. I put a couple careers on hold; you could be next, kid.” Shots at the throne, indeed.