Are You In A Band? Want To Waste More Money? Hire This Serial Killer To Post Your Flyers!


We understand in great detail what a street team is (which we learned from listening to VoiceStreet over cubicle walls), and the importance of wide-scale sticker/flyer promotion, but is there really anyone out there, small business or new-to-town band, who would spot this serial-killer note taped to a Williamsburg pole on Metropolitan Avenue and dial the number (which you can’t see here)? Even these shady, Hotmail-addressed Craig’s List ads offering both hand-to-hand poster/flyer “commuter traffic distribution” offer a better sales pitch and cheaper rate: “5,000 FLYERS or Less for $475,” which works out to be a little more than 10 cents a flyer. And in the event you have something smaller scale, you’ve got a couple of better options, including an important one called Do-It-Yourself. Then again, if we’re truly missing something, and you’d like David Berkowitz’s phone number, I’d be more than happy to pass it along, but not before making you explain why you’re not dumb.