Bloomberg’s Favorite Vegetable is ‘Steak’


Mayor Bloomberg may want to take away our salt, but he can’t seem to stay on message. His do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do approach to pushing healthier food on New Yorkers is well known, including in a New York Times article that documented how much he loves Cheez-Its and salty pizza. But at a recent press conference, Bloomberg surpassed himself.

Rachael Ray and Bloomsberg held an event last Thursday to kick off a public-private partnership teaching New York school kids to garden and cook for themselves. The initiative is part of Michelle Obama’s efforts to curb childhood obesity nationwide.

When asked what his favorite vegetable is, the mayor cracked, “steak.” (On a previous occasion, the he had answered the same question with “iceberg lettuce.”) The assembled kids giggled. Perhaps Bloomberg should at least pretend that he follows his own advice.