Bros Icing Bros: Your Latest Internet Meme


Sometimes the internet produces things that – despite every plausible explanation it presents for them – can’t really be explained. Which explains this.

Introducing Bros Icing Bros. The gist is basically this: If presented with one of the grossest malt liquor drinks to ever grace the planet – Smirnoff Ice – you must get on one knee, and drink it. There are actually bylaws to this kind of thing:

Bro’s might ask… what’s the fun in that? Well it’s all about creativity. Planting an ice in a discrete location where your bro might not know where it is. For example… one of my bro’s gave an ice to a bartender and asked him to hold onto it until his other bro showed up. Bro 1 asks Bro 2 if he wants a beer. The bartender then presents Bro 2 with the ice. An instant chant of “you got iced” precedes and Bro 2 chugs the ice on the spot. The best part of the game is that you can ice anyone in on the game at any moment in any place. Bro’s have been iced in restaurants, walking down the street, and at complete inappropriate times, which makes the game all the better.

To really fuck over your bros try and buy the most disgusting flavored ice or a 24oz ice. Pineapple, mango, and grape are top of the list for the most gut wrenching, mind numbing, throw up in your mouth, Smirnoff ice flavors.

I’m sure this isn’t exactly new, but I’ve just happened upon it, and will now be on the lookout for people holding Smirnoff Ice. Never one to back from a challenge, I – along with most sensible people I know – don’t exactly want to put myself through this. Though, as you can see – and hence, the impetus for even writing about this – several people have, and will possibly continue to. This could become A Thing. Observe:

And there’s more where that came from. The internet’s weird? No. The internet is beyond-weird. It’s post-weird. It’s post-weird with drunk people participating and exacerbating that weirdness into metastasizing. That’s about how weird it is. Almost.