IKEA–Real Meal Deals, Including Babyback Ribs!


The iconic Swedish meatball platter at IKEA–now only $2.49 on Tuesday evenings, side salad extra.

If pressed to name their favorite fast food restaurants in the city, most folks would point to Wendy’s or Maoz or Chipotle Grill, but almost no one would recognize the IKEA Cafe in Red Hook, Brooklyn for what it is.

Indeed the so-called IKEA Cafe and Restaurant exhibits all the characteristics of a fast-food chain: factory production methods, long-frozen viands, and discounted foodstuffs sourced around the globe. Less typically, the cafe focuses on Scandinavian fare, and offers a much higher proportion of healthy choices than the typical fast fooder. And where are you going to get a plate of cheap decent gravlax (cured raw salmon) so inexpensively?

The centerpiece of the menu is the Swedish meatball platter–14 agreeably brown orbs in gravy sided with a scoop of mashed potatoes and a curious red jam made with lingonberries, which often sits untouched on the china plate. While the cost for this meal is usually $4.99, from 4pm till closing at 9pm on Tuesday evenings, the platter will set you back only $2.49, presumably in an attempt to drive up traffic in the store during a dead time.

But that’s not all. On Wednesday evenings during the same time period, IKEA is offering a half rack of babyback ribs, sided with french fries and cornbread, for $7.99. You can’t do that well, even at Tony Roma.

At $7.99, pork ribs is quite a deal, even with its frankly strange pairing of sides.