Liberal Beauty Contestant Wins Miss USA


Last night’s Miss USA pageant obviously picked up some pointers from last year’s contest, when they wisely only made Carrie Prejean a runner-up.

Had the moralizing strumpet won the top prize, she would have disgraced the entire organization with the nudie photos surfacing by the Scores–I mean by the score.

The lesson: Stick with the liberal girls. They’re far less likely to be hiding something embarrassing or hypocritical.

So this time, they went with Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, who said she thinks birth control should be covered by health insurance.

That’s certainly not in the bible, but Rima stuck to that answer and went all the way to the tiara–this even though she tripped in the evening gown competition!

Meanwhile, that wasn’t even the night’s funniest moment.

It was when the cohost asked the stately Miss Maine, “How tall are you, by the way?” and she blankly replied, “I’m great, thank you!”

Of the five finalists, she came in fifth.