Morning Links: Volcanic Ash Shuts Down Airports Again, Miss USA Crowned, LIRR Service Reductions Start Today


Volcanic ash shut down airports in Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands over the weekend. Most airports have reopened, but Eurocontrol said it expected roughly 1,000 flights would be canceled on Monday.

Miss USA — Rima Fakih — has been crowned; she’s the first Arab American winner of the illustrious pageant.

On Sunday, a man in China used a meat cleaver to attack women in shops and restaurants, then jumped to his death from a four-story building.

A Pamir Airways plane carrying at least 43 people is believed to have crashed in Afghanistan.

Bangkok remains a combat zone, with the official death toll from the past four days at 35. General Khattiya Sawatdithol, who was shot on Thursday, has been reported dead by Thai news media.

Trenton is issuing IDs for illegal immigrants — the cards can be used to “access libraries, medical centers and doctors’ offices; seek help from charitable organizations and private social service agencies; and use the city’s public recreation centers and pools.”

LIRR service reductions begin today.