New York Post Nails Hiram Monserrate Joke after He Dumps Girlfriend


You’d think that sometime between when former state senator Hiram Monserrate cut his girlfriend Karla Giraldo in the face, and when he got expelled as a state senator, that he’d find the time to appreciate the fact that this woman had not broken up with him. Clearly, that wasn’t the case. According to the New York Post, Monserrate recently told two woman at a party he was single. And the headline they used?

For visual effect:

Credit where it’s due, this is classic Monday Morning Post. And this is classic New York politician:

Despite being booted from the Senate in February and rebuffed by voters in a comeback bid in March, Monserrate still hands out his state Senate business cards to prospective dates — but with the old phone numbers crossed out and his current digits penciled in.

And the worst part is that it probably gets them Every. Single. Time. Related: You know they have some variation of a Monserrate Cuts Rugs, Too or something for when they catch him out dancing the first time. And the sad thing is that, yes, somehow, he will find other people to date here.

Though is it fair to pick on a guy who’s already been disgranced and through the ringer multiple times? When will enough be enough of the former politician, now that he’s technically out of the public eye? Probably when he stops with all the relentless self-promotion and shows some contrition. Until then, let him be out there as an example to all, especially those who don’t live here: These are our politicians. Ugh.