The Night Jane Krakowski Got Down With The Homeys


In her fab act at Feinstein’s, 30-Rock‘s Jane Krakowski remembers the time she was asked to present an R&B Grammy along with Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes.

“A natural choice,” she laughs.

Krakowski was asked to announce the nominees by saying something like “And now, five fierce sistahs,” but that didn’t sound right coming out of her mouth, so she changed it to “five talented women.”

But she was yet to be put in her place. When Whitney Houston won the award, Krakowski was overjoyed–until Whitney came onstage and hugged and kissed each and every person except her! Some fierce sistah, huh?

Can you imagine any situation where you’d hug Busta Rhymes and not Jane Krakowski?

Anyway, the white but soulful Jane manages a little dig at Whitney in the same act. After singing a new version of “Zip,” she tells us a cut couplet from the song.

It rhymed Whitney Houston’s return from coke and crack with the line “Gosh, I wish her upper register would come back”!