Andrea Peyser: Elena Kagan’s Basically a Lesbian, So Why Don’t We Talk to Some Lesbians About Her?


New York Post columnist/professionally misanthropic crazy catlady Andrea Peyser has this entire writing racket figured out: Once you view your respective news outlet as a way to open a hole in the earth and let out all of the worst parts of human culture and intellectual discourse with the assistance of hell demons, you seize upon your ability to do so, thus upping your pay grade.

Take today’s Peyser column, where she:

  • Goes to Park Slope,
  • And talks to Lesbians,
  • About Elana Kagan.

No, really. It sounds like something The Onion would write about someone else doing, but the joke is actually real, Peyser – titling today’s column “A hit with lesbians” – actually did this.

To girls in the ‘hood, Elena Kagan rocks.

Softball-playing sisters and lipstick lesbians who gather in Brooklyn’s Park Slope have suffered years of intolerance, leading to a grudging acceptance. But now, life and style choices favored in gay corners of the Slope have become, remarkably, fashionable. Chic, even.

So it was no surprise on a recent night in Ginger’s Bar — New York’s sapphic central for ladies who love — that President Obama’s pick for the US Supreme Court was the subject of rip-roaring debate.

Maybe this has something to do with that whole ‘firefighter’ fetishism she still can’t get over. That said, Andrea Peyser doesn’t just have contempt for other woman, or other humans, she has contempt for intellectual discourse.

All of that said, though: It is kinda funny that she went to Park Slope.