Asians Love Scotch; Brits Make Bubbly


While overall sales of Scotch in Asia have dropped, exports of higher-end Scotch have grown steadily over the years. [Wall Street Journal]

The Brits invented sparkling wine, although the French get all the glory for it. Now, British bubbly is on the rise due to better winemaking techniques and a warming climate. [Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, a wine producer in Wales won a bronze medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition for his 2008 white wine. [BBC]

A man died at a massive outdoor cocktail party in France that was organized via Facebook, which is the latest fad there. Apparently, 57 people were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. [NY Daily News]

Need more Manhattan Cocktail Classic coverage? HuffPo has a great set of pics from the event, complete with shots of the Cointreau Oompa Loompas, which we somehow missed. [Huffington Post]