Days of Our Lives Just Keeps on Going


I haven’t watched a soap opera since the dwarf on Passions died, but I’ll read a book about any show biz topic, so I’m currently absorbing a history of Days of Our Lives by executive producer Ken Corday.

In the epic work, Corday talks about how the long-running soap survived budget crunches and economic turndowns.

In 2008, he regretfully had to terminate long-time characters like John and Malena, as the home audience bit their hands in horror.

And Patch, Kayla, and Tony DiMera also were made to bid a sad adieu to Salem, to the unspeakable despair of millions.

But Corday valliantly stuck with Stefano, Victor, Kate, Caroline, and Maggie, beefed up the enduring Bo and Hope, and came up with a “double-switch” baby story that helped keep the plug from getting pulled for a while longer.

And the Days keep going. In fact, the show just got nine Daytime Emmy nominations.

Does anyone have any idea what the fuck I’m talking about here, ’cause I sure don’t?