Englishmen Cross Italian Lake in Bouncy Castle, Allowing Us to Relive the Dreams of Our Youth, if Only for a Short While


If your longtime, deeply suppressed fantasy has been to cross a large body of water, preferably in scenic Italy, in one of those bouncy houses popular among the playground set, well, wake up, because your dream is dead. Or, more specifically, guys who are way cooler, more enterprising, and creative than you have already accomplished it. We hate it when that happens.

The good news is, you can live vicariously through them, witnessing their joys and pains without ever having to leave the comfort of your tiny office cubicle where you drudge away wearily for the man.

An inflatable castle has never in recorded history been used to cross a water body (nor used to pick up chicks, we imagine, but that’s all over now — show us the girl who would not go home with a bouncy castle sailor, presuming he was of age, of course).

In other waterfront-adventuring news, a disaffected political speechwriter once built a boat out of corks and sailed it down Douro River in Portugal. And one time, we went white water rafting, with mixed results.

Technically, this little jaunt is part of a Honda-sponsored project called Live Every Litre, in which the car maker gives people a chance to experience and film their dream trips (and then drive around in a new Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe, presumably for advertising purposes). That makes this slightly less awesome … but only slightly.