Glee Star Completely Unspoiled By Fame


I was traipsing with friends around the Village the other night when we came upon a handsome young gentleman leaving a restaurant after a business-related dinner.

It was Matthew Morrison from Glee!

Who I’d tracked all those years on Broadway when he was making waves in Hairspray, Light in the Piazza, and South Pacific!

And he remembered me!

Matthew hugged me hello, asked where my bike was, and even indulged me as I begged him to let me sing “Rose’s Turn” on Glee.

I’m not bragging here–well, I’m not just bragging–I’m simply pointing out that some people can remain charming and unaffected despite gigantic overnight fame.

And yes, I’m aware that just because he was nice to a press person on a chance meeting doesn’t automatically mean he hasn’t turned into Godzilla, but it’s still a very good sign, so please humor me.