Here’s Jimmy!


Since Conan O’Brien’s tragic dismissal from NBC and now with the cancellation of Law & Order, the only reason worth tuning in to the faltering network is to catch Jimmy Fallon play beer pong. Fallon won us over with his Saved by the Bell reunion and his awesome hot and bothered portrayal of Robert Pattinson and the Lost parody—“Last.” A while back, we previewed a talk featuring the hilarious writers of Fallon’s show, who have helped turn the awkward funny man to the now charming late-night prince. Tonight, the spotlight shines on Fallon, with a talk moderated by Brian Williams that will surely swing back and forth from his early beginnings on SNL, the recent late-night wars, and whether or not he is teaming up again with Queen Latifah on Taxi 2 (we’re kidding!).

Thu., May 27, 7:30 p.m., 2010