How Should Law & Order End?


Law & Order is going out on May 24 with a sure-to-be-classic episode that’s a stinging condemnation of the old “Rubber Room” situation where teachers awaiting disciplinary action sat on their asses and collected their paychecks.

Apparently, now it’s only politicians who are allowed to do that.

But I’m not so sure that’s the strongest way for the 20-year-old show to bow out.

I think they should pack in every possible scandal of the last 20 years and work it into the plot.

While doing so, they should use every visible local actor they can find, to give the New York thesping community one last chance to grab a paycheck before they go back to serving cheesecake at Lindy’s.

What’s more, the plot should revolve around the “Leather Room,” not the “Rubber Room” –and they should be extremely imaginative as to just what that entails.

And at the end of the episode, it should be revealed that all 20 years were a big dream.

Are you with me?