I Suppose It Would Be Pretty Weird If I Didn’t Mention That Janelle Monáe’s The Archandroid Is Out Today, And That She’s At The Highline Ballroom Tonight


Yes, I have held forth on Ms. Monae at some length already, but This Is the Day: Her profoundly daffy debut full-length, The Archandroid, is in stores today. And it’s pretty great! May take a while to absorb (the overtures! The Roman numerals! The Of Montreal hijack! The general space-cadet lunacy!), but there are some monster tracks on this thing, the mighty “Tightrope” still chief among them. Celebrate with her at Highline Ballroom tonight, though getting in at this point may require groveling. Her live show is even weirder, but you will not be bored. Guaranteed.