In Area Markets Now: Haitian Mangoes, Okinawan Purple Sweet Potatoes, Tiny Hothouse Cukes, Luscious Georgia Peaches


Swervy yellow and green Haitian mangoes now for sale.

Last Thursday, Sarah DiGregorio reported that Indian Alphonso mangoes were available in area markets. This last weekend, Fork in the Road spotted Haitian mangoes at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange in the Chelsea Market.

The fruit is small, mottled yellow and green, and tending toward an “S” shape. The flesh is creamy orange, subtlly flavored, sweet without being oversweet, without any of the internal fibers that detract from the texture of some similar looking specimens.The price is $1.49 each.

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Okinawan purple-fleshed sweet potatoes may be roasted or boiled.

Finger-shaped hothouse seedless cucumbers are not coated with wax, and as such must be used within a day or two.

Georgia peaches are now in season, only two inches in diameter, fragrant and sweet.