Katmandu Spice Turns Mushrooms Amazonian


Amazonian mushrooms is a thick seething jungle of food on the plate.

When I heard from an old friend that a restaurant had just opened in Woodside serving both Brazilian and Himalayan food, I almost fell off my chair, but I was there the next day.

Katmandu Spice is the name of the new place, and it’s a virtual paradise for vegetarians, and vegans, too. One of the dishes in the vegan vein that I most enjoyed was called Amazonian mushrooms. It consisted of a giant collection of what looked like button mushrooms, sliced thin and sluiced with coconut milk, ginger, cilantro, and dende oil — giving it a reddish sheen.

The dish was notably good, and came with a mound of polished white rice, pineapple-and-mango salsa, and a couple of fried plantain rounds atop a modest quantity of farofa to sweeten things up. Look for a full review in the future. 60-15A Woodside Avenue, Woodside, Queens, 718-779-7475

Pan de queijo are another of the menu’s vegetarian delights, though this time not vegan, since they contain gooey cheese.