Morning Links: Proof that Politicians Lie, Bike Crash on the LES, Turtles on the Subway (at the Bottom of the Sea)


• In the “Politicians Lie” department, today we have Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, who has said in various speeches that he served in Vietnam when in fact he did not. Oops. Meanwhile an Australian politician has come right out and said it: His statements should not be taken as the “gospel truth.” ‘Cause sometimes they’re just not.

• A cyclist was hit by an SUV last night on Essex and Rivington, a block away from what’s been called the most dangerous intersection in the city, Delancey and Essex, where there were 119 crashes between 1998 and 2008. A bike lane was installed last week on Rivington, but please, be extra careful. The status of the cyclist is unknown.

• The Thai government rejected an offer for peace talks yesterday, demanding that protestors disperse. At least 35 civilians and 2 soldiers have been killed in the violence in Bangkok that began with the shooting of General Khattiya Sawatdiphol Thursday.

• People at 16 New York City buildings (in every borough except Brooklyn) have been told not to use their balconies until the Department of Buildings can inspect them. A Manhattan man fell to his death in March when a railing gave way on his 24th floor balcony.

• It’s International Museum Day, which means free (or discounted) museum entries to a bunch of New York’s cultural entities.

The Obies have been awarded. Congrats to all.

• Aw, turtles like subway cars!