Pavement Add Another Show on the Williamsburg Waterfront, Make That First Ticket You Bought That Much More Meaningless


Live by the reunion hysteria, die by the reunion hysteria. Pavement has now added a whopping fifth show to their September stand in New York, playing the Williamsburg Waterfront on September 19th in advance of four straight shows in Central Park later that week. If you thought it was like a handsome elf alighting from the sky and granting you your most personal and everlasting wish at the first announcement, and chuckled in shared anticipation at the second and third, and began to feel somewhat manipulated at the forth, may the fifth be the bolt of lightning that makes explicit what’s been true all along: they are going to drag this out as long as humans will continue to buy tickets for it. Should be a lovely evening though! Cop here, starting Friday at noon. [Brooklyn Vegan]