RIP Richard LaMotta, Brooklyn-Born Inventor of the Chipwich


Richard LaMotta died from a heart attack last week at his home in Chappaqua, NY. LaMotta, the son of a butcher, grew up in Brooklyn. He dabbled in various businesses before inventing the Chipwich–the perfect marriage of cookie and ice cream–in 1981.

LaMotta started by selling the confection from street carts in Manhattan, and the response was voracious. On one of his first days peddling Chipwiches he sold 25,000; the number doubled in a matter of weeks. The treat spawned plenty of imitators.

In 2002, LaMotta sold the company to Coolbrands International, which in turn sold it to Nestle, which shut down Chipwich because it competed with Nestle’s own rendition. Still, this summer we’ll raise a Chipwich to LaMotta.

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