Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fans and/or Representation Do Not Take to Reporting Lightly


The New York Post‘s Sheila McClear reported this morning on how Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker kept $4,680 worth of cocktail glasses and at least one $9,000 dress from the set of Sex and the City 2: Fashion Fatwa. McClear then asks while SJP doesn’t just write a check for the goods when she can obviously – very easily – afford them. And why?

Well, two answers: For one thing, it’s free! But for another, it apparently has to do with her upbringing:

Growing up in Cincinnati as a small child, Parker lived on welfare and was one of eight kids. She got free lunch at school. When her family moved to New York to further the young actress’ career, she performed on Broadway, most notably in the title role of “Annie,” a show she churned out six days a week for a year. In real life, she was singing for her supper as the breadwinner for her brothers and sisters, an experience she never forgot.

“That is why I have such a weird relationship with money,” Parker said in a 2000 interview with the New York Times. “And it is why I can be profligate and super-frugal.”

So, SJP’s frugal. Who can blame her? Why not hoard all the free gear you can get? McClear’s article doesn’t necessarily appear or read as slanderous so much as just funny as gossipy, but apparently, some of her fans (or maybe: representation!) think otherwise. Per McClear’s blog:

voicemail received 9:21 a.m.

“Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Are you the Sheila McClear who wrote the article on Sarah Jessica Parker in the Post today? It was the most vicious, vile thing I’ve ever read. It was disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Goodbye.”

Disgust! Shame! These are pretty strong words for an article about someone with millions of dollars who shouldn’t (and likely, hopefully) wouldn’t give a shit. But: Insecurity and the projecting of personal rage crusades. It happens.