Scrambled up


Albatross Rec? Beast Corrals? Bracer Ass Lot? British fiver Alberta Cross maintain that their name is an anagram, but still won’t divulge the origin. Let’s just assume, in good faith, that it’s something filthy; since their 2007 debut blues-rock EP, The Thief & the Heartbreaker, the boys have toured in support of a pantheon of swaggering rockers, from Them Crooked Vultures to Oasis (and also the Dave Matthews Band, but never mind that). Last year’s full-length, Broken Side of Time, was, fittingly, more aggressive on the three-chord side, but plentiful in their stalwart Jeff Buckley-esque murmurs—maybe their scrambled psyches have been seeking these Barest Carols all along. With 22-20s and the Postelles.

Wed., June 2, 9 p.m., 2010