Teen Throws Park Slope Sans-Parents Rager, Cops Get Involved for All the Wrong Reasons


In today’s Easy Lessons Learned in Hard Ways, we have a Young Person trying to throw some kind of happening shindig in Brooklyn while her parents are away! The young, they make trouble. But what’s the difference between this and every other rager you throw when your parents are away? Well, this one made it in the police report, and thus, the New York Post. Why?

Cops said that more than 100 people were at the May 8 bacchanal inside the home, which is at Carroll Street, taking advantage of a parental holiday.

When the wingding broke up at around 4 am the next morning, the hostess discovered that someone had taken two laptops, two iPods and $1,000 in jewelry.

Yeah, see, if you’re going to do it, at least have the What Can Go Wrong Absolutely Will Go Wrong, And We Will Embrace It As Such mentality. Also see:

EASY LESSON LEARNED IN HARD WAY: Never be the girl throwing the party in high school. Ever. Ever.