The Lair of Bloomberg: “Literally Awesome” and Filled With “Exotic Specimens”


Bloomberg News is taking over the world! First they get this magazine with which they will inform you of the world’s fanciest cans, then they get their people in the drivers’ seat(s) at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner, which means something, writes Peter Osnos for The Atlantic.

And he’s right: all fun with Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek‘s web strategy aside, the company’s becoming quite the competitive news monolith, and their chairman is a three-term mayor of New York City who oversaw the financial meltdown of many of this town’s top banks. All of Osnos’ piece is very worth reading, but especially worth reading is the part about what the Bloomberg Mothership is like on the inside. Emphasis mine:

To visit the Bloomberg headquarters for the first time is literally awesome. The building amenities are lavish (and depending on your taste maybe even excessive). The rows of terminals are arrayed in spaces all open to light and architectural flourishes. Fish tanks filled with exotic specimens, art and flowers divide the building into sectors with journalists, sales teams, and code writers in their respective banks. In particular, the multinational collection of engineers said to be mainly from China, South Asia, Russia, and Israel provide a buzz of technical intensity that clearly is the underpinning for the Bloomberg terminal’s assortment of services and breathtaking speed.

It sounds like something between the fictional version of the CIA, Scrooge McDuck’s foyer, and the Death Star’s waiting room. If you have pictures, by all means: you know where to send them. Honestly, we’re just jealous: Bloomberg has tropical fish, we have tropical mold. Then again, it’s a trade-off. Dollars-to-donuts, their desks didn’t come with spoofs. Stick that in your terminals. Nerds.