There Is Now a Vegan Double Down Sandwich


Here’s even more definitive proof that vegans can eat every bit as unhealthily as the rest of us: the chef at Williamsburg’s Foodswings has created the vegan version of the Double Down.

Dubbed the Handwich, it’s a festival of highly processed ingredients: Two ersatz chicken patties are breaded with cornflakes and seasoning, then fried with Daiya and Tofutti cheese, and piled with fakin’ bacon, some sweet mustard Dijonaise, and, this being a vegan restaurant, actual vegetables like lettuce, tomato, and red onion. As one of Foodswings’ staff told Planet Green, “we…love to recreate all the fast food and dishes vegans have typically had to eschew.”

Foodswings is, of course, known for its vegan comfort food, or “vegan fast food,” as its website proudly proclaims. Given some of the other items on their menu — the Sweet Southern Fried BBQ, the Chick’n Cutlet Bacon Ranch sandwich — the Handwich isn’t that out of the ordinary, or probably even that much more virtuous than the actual Double Down — unless, of course, you measure virtue by how much harm is done to factory-farmed chickens.

[Via Gothamist]