Arizona Says It Will Cut Off L.A. Electricity Over “Silliest Boycott”


Today in immigration news, Mexican President Felipe Calderon called Arizona’s immigration law “partial and discriminatory”; a second grader is all too eager to tell Michelle Obama her mom doesn’t have papers (Mrs. First Lady, who was just there to talk obesity, recovers with bureaucratic finesse); and Arizona is threatening to cut off L.A.’s electricity supply if the city doesn’t take that frivolous boycott off the table.

Turns out that Arizona provides 25 percent of L.A.’s power, and in one of the weirdest candy store metaphors we’ve heard to date, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce says, “I feel like if you’re going to boycott the candy store, you’ve got to leave all the candy alone.” In case you didn’t get that, “Arizona is the candy store.”

And, maybe he has a point regarding boycotts needing to be real boycotts and not just situationally convenient boycotts to work. But, if the lights are off in Los Angeles, who will keep an eye out for the Mexicans?

Pierce, by the way, has a real way with words: “Mainly my letter is to call [Los Angeles] out for the silliest boycott,” said Pierce. “I wanted to get my message across and give them a flavor of how I was feeling.”

Arizona residents, meanwhile, are saying they won’t visit San Diego, even though the San Diego City Council never voted to boycott Arizona. People, communication! It helps prevent wars.

Oh, and Reuters reports that Arizona’s new immigration law hasn’t slowed the rate of illegal border crossings one iota: U.S. Border Patrol arrested 8,000 more people in the Tucson sector than in the same October-through-April period a year ago.