Behind The Scenes of a New Lucas Film


I just shot a cameo in a Michael Lucas porn film called Kings of New York–relax, I was fully clothed (though I was certainly willing to strip if they wanted).

As a judge in a talent competition scene, I sat with drag star Bianca Del Rio and Big Brother‘s Steve Daigle (above right) and made saucy comments as Sherry Vine and a rumba queen (above left) pretended to audition.

Before the shoot, Daigle was beside himself with excitement over meeting Sherry, who’s a YouTube sensation thanks to her parodies of Lady Gaga and other pop divas.

“Hello,” I interrupted, as he veritably crawled up her butt. “I’m another person in the room.”

That only gave Bianca and I more ammunition when we had to be mock-bitchy about Sherry’s “audition.” All in fun, of course. I was only kidding about her dress looking like a tampon that someone had relieved themselves on!

Otherwise, the shoot went smoothly, and there was even a food services table.

Sherry had to admit it was better than the one for another porn flick she’d shot: “That one just had soda, water, and fleet enemas!”

Photos by Dick Mitchell.