NYC Icy Is Returning, This Time to Avenue A


We at Fork in the Road are no strangers to the pleasures of frozen treats, so the following is pretty exciting: NYC Icy is (re)opening in the East Village, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

The Feed reports that the ice joint — which has closed and reopened more times than anyone can seem to keep track of — will set down at 100 Avenue A, between 6th and 7th streets. Since its first location was on Avenue B, this is a homecoming of sorts, and the shop will celebrate by offering some 200 flavors, including chocolate-bacon, Thai iced tea, and cilantro-lime. Twenty will be available at a time, and they will come in both creamy and dairy-free varieties; prices start at $2.50. Co-owner Suzie Leeds promises that delivery service to Brooklyn, parts of Manhattan, and the country at large will be coming soon, possibly in about a month.